Resources and references

Because there’s more to the Internet than UpToDate…


  • E(B)M: an emergency medicine residency blog that has great cases and great learning
  • This is more than just a blog: Life in the Fast Lane is a well-curated, thoughtful website with hundreds of case examples and real-life ECGs for practicing interpretation


  • Wiki Journal Club provides excellent, concise summaries of major papers
  • 2-Minute Medicine is a shortlist of the latest breakthroughs in medicine, and subscribing to their daily email gives you something fun to wake up to (if you’re weird like me)



  • The AJKD keeps a list of blogs about all things renal, including some patient perspective blogs. The Renal Fellows Network in particular has great articles.
  • The ASN has a dialysis curriculum of online lectures about how dialysis works, complications, and how to manage dialysis patients. It’s aimed at medical students, but is helpful to all.


  • This WordPress site, Intensive Care Unit, has a nice descriptive list of medications commonly encountered in the ICU


  • Shotgun Histology is useful because a real-time instructor describes what he sees directly to you. It’s like having a multi-headed scope on Youtube.
  • Blue Histology is a great resource for practice questions and references for med school histology.
  • Utah Med Library pathology website is a godsend and probably worth all your pathology lectures put together.
  • Also check out this resource from Boston University, for all of you who mix up sections of esophagus and vagina–Common Confusions in Histology…and how to avoid them!

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